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Evaluation Question 7 – Transcript

Below is the transcript for Evaluation Question 7 in the interest of clarity.

First of all I wanted to address how my abilities at handling sound have improved, in this first sequence we can her several clips in the sound as the shot changes, at this stage I wasn’t even aware of cross-fading sound, and if we compare this clip to the beginning of mine at the same point (just before the music fades in) well see that I removed the potential for a drop in sound quality altogether by simply not including any environmental sound, starting my film of with music straight away.


Now let’s compare the establishing shots of our main character’s. In my prelim this first shot is a slow and drawn out extreme wide from a basic angle, and not very interesting, my coloration is fairly basic as I went with just simple grey. If we loom at my final film however, we can see a much more interesting lighting sate, we have movement from both actor and camera, and the shot is much quicker and smoother, it includes a lower angle showing the charter is of high status, and we have a close up shot so we can really see this main character.


This shot from my prelim isnt bad, its fairly well framed, uses an interesting angle, and contains action to intrigue the audience. However, this effect is ruined due to the poor framing resulting in a house being seen in the background, which ruins the mood. Its also more than 45 seconds into the film.  I took these principles and learned from them however, as we can see with this shot which is similar in that it is a close up, albeit a more extreme one. This is framed better in such a way that we can make out much, but the image, like the machete is still provocative. This shot is from a high up angle however, as this gives the impression hat we are looking at this from a character’s perspective.


Now this sequence here isn’t bad, its almost fast paced, and comprises a few close ups, but nothing too extreme, and because of the speed it fells sluggish and not very action like. My new film however has much more extreme close ups, from many varying angles: high, lows, and parallels of different heights. This sequence as a result feels much more action like, and due to this improvement it excites the audience a great deal more.


Shots lie this from my prelim aren’t great, and here we have several of them in a sequence. The focus pulling is all over the place, there is almost a kind of jump cut early on, and all this just makes the sequence seem amateurish; these cuts aren’t doing anything to propel the story they’re useless. This sequence from my new film however is much clearer, there is a clear progression from him finding the object to examining it, to bagging it up. These shots are more stable, use varying angles and a mix of close ups and wides to make it interesting, and what needs to be in focus, is in focus.


So that end sequence there isn’t awful, but the problems lie with the ending, although there’s the implication that the under has snuck up behind her, and there has been an attempt at snapping a twig to cue her reaction as if there was someone behind her this is still a really vague ending. If we compare it to this new one though we find a more clearer progression again, he examines himself, almost takes a moment to reflect and then throws his gloves down for the end of the day. This is backed up by the name title appearing on a background which back up the image, then fades leaving just the title in the audiences minds, whereas with the prelim we fade to black then we se the title, making it ten time harder for the audience to associate the title with something from the story.


All in all its clear to see the obvious improvement from my skills at the time of the prelim to now, although I haven’t used many of the conventions of atypical film storytelling in my final film its still clear that I have learnt them, and I’ve communicated as many as possible in this new film. At the time my prelim wasn’t bad considering how much I knew about what I was ding, but I have to say I’m much happier with my skill set as it is now.

Evaluation Question 6

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 20.56.31 (2).png

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 21.29.43 (2).png

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 23.44.02.png

My self evaluation of what the audience for my media product would be.

This evaluation is also communicated in the form of a trilogy of Prezi presentations, the links for which can be found above in order – simply click on a link, then click the full screen icon for the best experience.

Evaluation Question 5 – Transcript

Below is the transcript for my Evaluation Question 5 in the interest of clarity.

Immediately my short snappy ident has popped up on the screen, the quickly disappeared. I used the flicker colour effect because the rapid changes leave a form of sunspot on the viewer’s brain, so the ident name lingers even after the shot moves on. The short speed of the ident also means that the audience then sit up and pay close attention after this ident for fear of missing anything else.


I edited the visuals in time with the music often throughout this film, with cuts matching up with musical cues like changes in pitch and pace. This synchronization gives the film more flow and makes it easier to watch.


I have created a contrast with the first set of titles. The first is the contrast presented with the white text on the red, bloody sink and bath. This text mirrors the larger less obvious contrast shown by the contrasting mages within this parallel edited sequence, of the clean white coveralls in the sunlight and the more graphic images. These contrasts change the nature of these brighter scenes, turning them from warmer, sunnier scenes to much colder more clinical shots.


Shots of the gloves and the silhouette show both physical and mental preparation, through the physical tic of him running his hand through his hair, something which he may not even be aware of himself. This shows a potential vulnerability to the audience, something which they will empathize with.


The shot structure shown here by the sinks, followed by the swabs being bagged is something I have used throughout the film. This is a way of showing the weapons or murder scenes in situ before jumping to the conclusion of the case and the evidence being bagged up. This both sticks to the golden rule of crime dramas – don’t give anything away, and it also shows this character’s jumps in logic, showing that the middle portion of each case – catching the perpetrator is of little relevance to him. This drags the audience further into the intrigue, as abnormality is usually interesting to them.


The fast paced sequence of 3 different shots of my main character is my way of showing how he cycles through the various stages of his job. The shot of the suit represents t the ‘civilian’ side of his personality, the shots of him in his working clothes show the cold, hard facet that he uses when he’s working, and the shot of him looking at his bloody gloves how a more vulnerable side. This communicates to the audience that this is a three dimensional character; which audiences empathise with more.


The camera flashes were used by me in tangent with the snap-zoom cuts to show the main character’s unusual working process, and to communicate the way in which he works by totally ignoring any and all distractions. This is interesting to the audience because this is again an abnormal concept, which they are invited to investigate and consider.


Another jump in time between the weapon in the car and the weapon being bagged up, leaving out plot details encouraging the audience to think, engaging them almost as member of the storyline, inviting them to solve the mystery as well. However, this jump in time also puts the audience one or tow steps behind the main protagonist of a crime drama, so that then the impressiveness of that character is not lost.


Again the camera flashes and the cuts show leaps in logic and a mental prioritisation within the main character’s mind, showing him to think in an usual way, intriguing the audience one again.




Evaluation question 4

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 19.10.19 (2).png

My self evaluation of what the audience for my media product would be.

This evaluation is also communicated in the form of a Prezi presentation, the link for which can be found above – simply click on the link, then click the full screen icon for the best experience.

Links to all my research mentioned in the Prezi can be found below:


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Interview – Crime Drama Survey from Nathan Le Blancq – A Level Media on Vimeo.